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Orange Volkswagon in front of Live Water Surf Shop, Stinson Beach CA

An orange volkswagon(circa 1960s) sitting in front of Live Water surf shop on Hwy 1, with a white and blue surf board on top.

Villa Riviera, Long Beach-Post Card #1

"looking east from the Auditorium", pre-war, beach goers in front of Villa Riviera, drawing not a photograph,

1930s Skooter Skate

1930s Skooter Skate.png
Red metal Vintage 1930's Rocket Skooter Skate, Skateboard Scooter. This piece was sold as a scooter with the option of removing the handle and using it as a skateboard, thus the name Skooter-Skate. This is one of the many precursors of theā€¦

Surfers at the Newport Harbor Jetty

Black and white photograph of surfers and onlookers at the Newport Harbor Jetty, circa 1950s

View from Huntington Beach pier

B&W photo. Beach-goers in Huntington Beach relaxing alongside oil drills.

Surf Board Riders, Balboa, California

Surf Board Riders, Balboa, California
black and white photo of surfers at Balboa, California circa 1950s

Bathers Enjoying the Surf, Santa Monica, California

Postcard depicting people surfing and swimming at a beach in Santa Monica, California.

Car Craft July 1963 Magazine Cover

Cover of magazine with 60's picture

General View of the beach front, Long Beach, CA

General Viewo of the Beach Front Long Beach CA.jpg
A color postcard depicting a view of the beach in Long Beach, CA

George Freeth Autographed Card

Black and White Photograph of George Freeth, Swimwear,

Hang Ten advertisement featuring Steve Bigler

An advertisement featuring surfer Steve Bigler for California surf wear company Hang Ten.

A photograph of Huntington Beach, CA in the late 1930s

A black and white photograph of Huntington Beach, CA taken in the late 1930s which depicts beach goers lounging in the sun with the Huntington A-1 oil field in the background.

Kanvs by Katin Surf Team 1973 Advertisement

Surfer Mike Purpus rides the waves in custom Katin surf trunks. Below him Nancy Katin and surf friends pose for picture on steps in Hawaii.

Kanvis by Katin Surf Team 1972 Advertisement

Katin Surf Team on Southern California Rocks, 1970's, Photograph, Advertisement

Kanvis by Katin Featuring Greg Loehr

Greg Loehr surfing, 1970's, Photograph, Advertisement

Linda Merrill cover of November 1964 Surfer Magazine

Linda Merrill_1964_Surfer_cover.png
A color scan of the November 1964 cover of Surfer Magazine, featuring Linda Merrill surfing

Logan Earth Ski Bob Biniak Model Skateboard Deck

Front and back of a Logan Earth Ski, Bob Biniak model skateboard.

"Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

Vintage Logan Earth Ski Bruce logan model complete wooden skateboard.
A vintage, "Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

1927 Los Angeles Steamship Company advertisement

An advertisement by the Los Angeles Steamship Company for Los Angeles to Hawaii ocean voyages.

Nash Hot Foot Skateboard

Nash Hot Foot skateboard complete with Cobra Masters wheels and Lazer trucks.