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'I Surf Because...' J-Bay Experience Contest Winner

Winner of Billabong 'I Surf Because...' blog pick of the week

"Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

Vintage Logan Earth Ski Bruce logan model complete wooden skateboard.
A vintage, "Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

"Sidewalk Surfin" Cover

Written and performed by Jan and Dean, an early California surf-rock band.


Popular beach food consisting of fried tortilla chips favored by surfers.

"Take an extra vacation on what you save" Ford Beach Advertisement

ford beach advertisement.jpg
A magazine advertisement for the Ford Fairlane 500 Town Victoria, featuring a family soaking up some sun and playing on the beach.

"The Vans from Dodge" Beach Advertisement

Dodge Van Advertisment.png
An advertisement for Dodge vans, with a psychedelic 1975 Dodge tradesman van on the beach with a group of young people, playing guitar, with kayaks and a dirt bike in the sand.

"Ultimate Challenge" naked surfer statue

This statue, found along Pacific Coast Highway, was made to be like a 'classical bronze' piece, which is why the figure is nude.

"Unknown Surfer"

"Dedicated to Surfrider Beach, which was recently named the first World Surfing Reserve"


A variant of body-on-frame construction, the "woodie" originated from the early (pre mid-1930s) practice of manufacturing the passenger compartment portion of a vehicle in hardwood.

“The Original Skateboarder Magazine” Cover

The cover of the 1964 issue of “The Original Skateboarder” magazine


California teens induction into surf culture and romance with a young surfer boy

Legends of Surfing: The Greatest Surfriders from Duke Kahanamoku to Kelly Slater

legends of surfing book cover.jpeg

"Surfing, Jack London remarked, is “a royal sport for the natural kings of earth.” The greatest of those natural kings grant readers an audience in this glorious celebration of the world’s best surfers. Part exquisite picture book and travelogue…

Litmus: A Surfing Odyssey

In 1995 Jon Frank and Andrew Kidman embarked on a Journey. They documented their travels and when they returned home, they made Litmus. Nominated in five categories at the 1998 Surfer Video Awards, including Best Video.

1927 Los Angeles Steamship Company advertisement

An advertisement by the Los Angeles Steamship Company for Los Angeles to Hawaii ocean voyages.

1930s Skooter Skate

1930s Skooter Skate.png
Red metal Vintage 1930's Rocket Skooter Skate, Skateboard Scooter. This piece was sold as a scooter with the option of removing the handle and using it as a skateboard, thus the name Skooter-Skate. This is one of the many precursors of the…

1940s Malibu Sufers

Gettin' down in Malibu

1960s Malibu Surfers

Joe-Schmoes Surfin in Malibu

1960s Pepsi

Woman in foreground chips pepsi out of block of ice; in background, two men unload a surfboard from a Woody while a second woman looks on.

1960s RC Cola Advertisement

A Royal Crown Cola advertisement, featuring a woman holding a bottle of RC Cola on the beach. With one man running to her as he holds a surfboard in the background. The picture to the left is displaying a woman slipping off a surf board, almost like…

60s surf culture

Picture of Hawaii surf culture in the 1960s black and white. Taken from Business Insider .com and an article about surf culture in the 1960s and Hawaii.

A photograph of Huntington Beach, CA in the late 1930s

A black and white photograph of Huntington Beach, CA taken in the late 1930s which depicts beach goers lounging in the sun with the Huntington A-1 oil field in the background.

Anona Napoleon--One of the first female surfers

Descendent of a celebrated Hawaiian surfing family who inherited the talent. She was temporarily paralyzed in a diving accident but came back and won an international championship a year later.