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Venice Skate Park

The iconic skate park of Venice Beach. It opened in October of 2009. It replaced "The Pit," which was torn down in 2000.

Tony Alva Skateboard

Vintage Tony Alva complete wooden skateboard with Bones wheels and Lazer trucks.

Nash Skateboard with Steel Wheels

Nash Skateboard with Steel Wheels
Vintage 1960s Nash Mfg. Skateboard with Steel Wheels, Shark Edition

Nash Hot Foot Skateboard

Nash Hot Foot skateboard complete with Cobra Masters wheels and Lazer trucks.

"Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

Vintage Logan Earth Ski Bruce logan model complete wooden skateboard.
A vintage, "Bruce Logan" model Logan Earth Ski skateboard

Logan Earth Ski Bob Biniak Model Skateboard Deck

Front and back of a Logan Earth Ski, Bob Biniak model skateboard.

1930s Skooter Skate

1930s Skooter Skate.png
Red metal Vintage 1930's Rocket Skooter Skate, Skateboard Scooter. This piece was sold as a scooter with the option of removing the handle and using it as a skateboard, thus the name Skooter-Skate. This is one of the many precursors of theā€¦