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Shark Attack Prevention System

Australian surfer Shanan Worrall is in the ocean surfing while testing out his new shark attack prevention system. Shanan along with many other surfers are placing eyes on the belly of their surfboards to deter shark attacks. Their belief is that if…

Bethany Hamilton Shark Attack Survivor Now Pro Surfer

Bethany Hamilton lost her arm during a shark attack back in 2003 but that does not discourage her from taking taking on the huge waves. Here she is seen riding waves in the ocean.

Scott Stephens Shark Attack Survivor.

Surfer Scott Stevens of California displays his woulds and his surf board after surviving a shark attack. Being from Humboldt county California Scott Stevens was at a higher risk of being involved in a shark attack than any other part of California.

Surfing Attack In Australia

A picture showing the aftermath of shark attack in New South Wales, Australia. The dead body of a 60 year old man is shown being covered up by a crew of first responders.