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"The Vans from Dodge" Beach Advertisement

Dodge Van Advertisment.png
An advertisement for Dodge vans, with a psychedelic 1975 Dodge tradesman van on the beach with a group of young people, playing guitar, with kayaks and a dirt bike in the sand.

North or South, East or West Hertz Ad

Hertz car rental beach advertisement.jpg
A 1952 magazine advertisement for Hertz car rentals, featuring a man and child waving over to a female in a bikini at the beach.

Dodge Invents the Convertriple

Dodge Beach Advertisement.jpg
A magazine advertisement for the 1973 Dodge Dart sport convertriple that showcases its ability to fit five passengers , its sun roof, and the ability to convert it into an economy wagon with more room. The background of the ad features families at…

"Take an extra vacation on what you save" Ford Beach Advertisement

ford beach advertisement.jpg
A magazine advertisement for the Ford Fairlane 500 Town Victoria, featuring a family soaking up some sun and playing on the beach.

Chrysler Advertisement - "The Car of Your Life for the Time of Your Life"

Chrysler Beach Advertisement.jpg
Magazine advertisement for Chrysler motor vehicles, featuring a 1960 Chrysler New Yorker on the beach next to a picnic scene, with what appears to be two people climbing the rocks.

Toyota's $1876* Wagon

Toyota Surfboard Advertisement.jpg
Magazine advertisement for a 1970 Toyota $1876* station wagon featuring a male surfer trying to fit his surfboard into a car full of females.