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  • Collection: Daily lives of surfers

Litmus: A Surfing Odyssey

In 1995 Jon Frank and Andrew Kidman embarked on a Journey. They documented their travels and when they returned home, they made Litmus. Nominated in five categories at the 1998 Surfer Video Awards, including Best Video.

Surf Mat

Inflatable nylon rectangular surf mat


Popular beach food consisting of fried tortilla chips favored by surfers.


California teens induction into surf culture and romance with a young surfer boy

Legends of Surfing: The Greatest Surfriders from Duke Kahanamoku to Kelly Slater

legends of surfing book cover.jpeg

"Surfing, Jack London remarked, is “a royal sport for the natural kings of earth.” The greatest of those natural kings grant readers an audience in this glorious celebration of the world’s best surfers. Part exquisite picture book and travelogue…