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Duke Kahanamoku

Surfer Duke.jpg
Duke Kahanamoku riding a surfboard

Duke--surfing pioneer

In 1915, Duke was invited to give a swimming exhibition in Sydney, Australia. In February of that year, he crafted an 8'6 alaia board out of their native sugar pine and toppled the dominos that would make Australia a surfing superpower.

Anona Napoleon--One of the first female surfers

Descendent of a celebrated Hawaiian surfing family who inherited the talent. She was temporarily paralyzed in a diving accident but came back and won an international championship a year later.

George Freeth

George Freeth was the first person to become famous as a surfer.

Lone Hawaiian Surfer

A lone Hawaiian surfer carries on of the last alaia boards.

Greg Noll: Life Over the Edge

Bool Cover from Novel

Miki Dora, Malibu Magazine

Renegade early surfer Miki Dora graces the cover of Malibu Magazine in the 1960s. Dora was known to surf the beaches at Malibu, CA, early in his career, later moving to Hawaii and South Africa.

1940s Malibu Sufers

Gettin' down in Malibu

Greg Noll and Phil Edwards 1950s

Ad shoot with Phil Edwards, shot by Leroy Grannis ca. 1955

1960s Malibu Surfers

Joe-Schmoes Surfin in Malibu