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Surf Culture Public Memorial Essay

The statues placed in the Public Surf Memorials Collection of the California Surf Archive show that surfers are not excluded from public historical memory. Rather, beaches become the center stage to honor surfers who made a difference in their…

Statue of surfer Robert Kelly Slater

Robert Kelly Slater has won 11 world surfing titles and he was the youngest winner when he got first place at the age of 20. This statue is in front of Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Bob and Bill Meistrell statue

Statue of two brothers who invented today's wet suit and founded Body Glove. At the time of the source, the statue was planned to be in front of King Harbor Yacht Club at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach.

"Ultimate Challenge" naked surfer statue

This statue, found along Pacific Coast Highway, was made to be like a 'classical bronze' piece, which is why the figure is nude.

Proposal for statue of surfer Paul Rennick

A proposed statue design for Melbourne, Australia surfer and fundraiser Paul Rennick. He passed away due to 'tragic circumstances,' according to the source, in 2011.

"Unknown Surfer"

"Dedicated to Surfrider Beach, which was recently named the first World Surfing Reserve"

Surfing Statue

A statue built in 1992 and located in Santa Cruz. It was created in honor of all surfers; past, present, and future. The statue was inspired by the Santa Cruz Surfing Club which was founded in 1936.

Duke Kahanamoku statue

A statue created to remember Duke Kahanamoku, the Hawaiian Native who popularized surfing. He introduced the world to surfing while touring the world in the early 1910's. Theis statue was erected in front of the Huntington Beach Surfer's Museum.

Dewey Weber Statue

A Dewey Weber Statue erected in Hermosa beach in 2015. Weber moved to Manhattan Beach at the age of 5 and became an iconic surfer as well as surfboard creator. The statue was made to remember the city's significant part in surf history.

Magic Carpet Ride

cardiff kook.jpg
"Created by Hemet sculptor Matthew Antichevich under a $92,000 commission from the Cardiff Botanical Society, the sculpture was installed in 2007 just outside the San Elijo State Beach campground. Critics immediately blasted it as effeminate, not…

Tim Kelly Statue

A statue erected in honor of Tim Kelly, a lifeguard who passed away in a car accident at the age of 24.