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“The Original Skateboarder Magazine” Cover

The cover of the 1964 issue of “The Original Skateboarder” magazine

"Sidewalk Surfin" Cover

Written and performed by Jan and Dean, an early California surf-rock band.

The Long Beach Shipyard: Wave Killer

Photo of two individuals alongside the mechanical crane "Herman the German". The creation of the shipyard was also the end to the thriving surf culture of Long Beach as it prevented the surfable waves from entering the shoreline.

Old Pike Rollercoaster: The Cyclone Racer

Old Pike Rollercoater.jpg
Aerial view of the Pike rollercoaster, Cyclone Racer, prior to its closure.

What Was Once Long Beach's Thriving Surf Culture

Long beach prior to shipyard.jpg
A photo of surfers enjoying their time on the beach in 1938 during Long Beach's thriving surf era

Shark Attack Prevention System

Australian surfer Shanan Worrall is in the ocean surfing while testing out his new shark attack prevention system. Shanan along with many other surfers are placing eyes on the belly of their surfboards to deter shark attacks. Their belief is that if…

Bethany Hamilton Shark Attack Survivor Now Pro Surfer

Bethany Hamilton lost her arm during a shark attack back in 2003 but that does not discourage her from taking taking on the huge waves. Here she is seen riding waves in the ocean.

Scott Stephens Shark Attack Survivor.

Surfer Scott Stevens of California displays his woulds and his surf board after surviving a shark attack. Being from Humboldt county California Scott Stevens was at a higher risk of being involved in a shark attack than any other part of California.

Surfing Attack In Australia

A picture showing the aftermath of shark attack in New South Wales, Australia. The dead body of a 60 year old man is shown being covered up by a crew of first responders.


Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.41.16 PM.png
This is news article from The Guardian dated...

Black Lives Matter

The surfing community in Encinitas, CA displaying solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


UNITY black lives matter CA surf.jpg
Surfboards organized together to spell “UNITY” were surrounded by supporters in Encinitas.

Black Lives Matter

paddleout 2020 black lives matter.jpg
Two surfers holding hands with "Black Lives Matter" sign taped to the backs of their wetsuits. From Encinitas, CA.

Black Lives Matter

A California surfer holding a surfboard with "Black Lives Matter" writing along with the names of victims of police violence. From Encinitas, CA.

Surf Guide - Part 1: Camera On The Summer Surf

baby surfer.jpg
Photograph of a toddler carrying a surfboard walking towards the waters.


A hippie couple looks out to sea in 1967.

Shark Tale

Shark Tale.jpg
A lying fish (Will Smith) befriends a shark and pretends to be a shark killer and becomes famous, but his lies have consequences.

The Shallows

The Shallows.jpg
A surfer goes out and while surfing she encounters a great white shark trying to eat her.

The Megalodon

Megalodon Movie.jpg
The prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon is still alive deep in the ocean and is freed. A bunch of scientist now have to kill it or the whole world will be in danger.

"The Vans from Dodge" Beach Advertisement

Dodge Van Advertisment.png
An advertisement for Dodge vans, with a psychedelic 1975 Dodge tradesman van on the beach with a group of young people, playing guitar, with kayaks and a dirt bike in the sand.

North or South, East or West Hertz Ad

Hertz car rental beach advertisement.jpg
A 1952 magazine advertisement for Hertz car rentals, featuring a man and child waving over to a female in a bikini at the beach.

Dodge Invents the Convertriple

Dodge Beach Advertisement.jpg
A magazine advertisement for the 1973 Dodge Dart sport convertriple that showcases its ability to fit five passengers , its sun roof, and the ability to convert it into an economy wagon with more room. The background of the ad features families at…

"Take an extra vacation on what you save" Ford Beach Advertisement

ford beach advertisement.jpg
A magazine advertisement for the Ford Fairlane 500 Town Victoria, featuring a family soaking up some sun and playing on the beach.

Transcending the Sport

2 of MMA's biggest stars ever captured the attention of the world and transcended the sport of MMA. Ronda Rousey being the first Women's Bantamweight Champion looked nigh unstoppable during her reign. Conor Mcgregor walked the walk and talked the…