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Beach Car Advertisements

ford beach advertisement.jpg

Spanning from the 1950s-1980s, surf culture and beach life was used to market and sell a whole plethora of items, including cars. Car advertisements showcased the appeal of the ocean and beach living while showcasing the car, wanting the customer to believe that they will get that life of luxury if they owned the car. This was especially present is California, mainly Southern California, where advertisements placed new cars on the sand along the beach, with men and women having a good time at the beach. These advertisements also had somewhat of a sex appeal, as bikini-clad women were almost always present on the sand within the advertisements and helped to further promote that life of luxury. Most importantly, the size of the automobiles was usually highlighted, in order to not only emphasize how many possible beachgoers could fit within the car, but also how much equipment for a day at the back could fit in the car, mainly surfboards, as normal cars would not be able to have that much space. These advertisements ultimately incorporated these elements to sell their product to customers who yearned for a life of luxury, highlighting the appeal of surf culture and beach life.

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