These ads show the Fender Musical Instrument company's efforts to capitalize on the popularity of surf culture. These advertisements were created to entice surfers to engage in the music culture. In the "Pick a Winner" ad, Fender shows a direct interaction with surf culture by branding a guitar, "The Newporter", named after Newport Beach, a prominent surfing area in Southern California. The second ad immediately calls upon the emotional attachment that surfers' had with their boards. By stating, "You won't part with yours either", Fender is arguing that their guitars will be as important to surfers as their surfboards are. Fender again interacts with surf culture by promoting “Surf Sound”. Surf sound was a style of music influenced from surfing culture. By arguing “for Surfing Sound… nothing matches Fender”, Fender calls upon the influence surf culture had and music and capitalizes on this influence to upset their products. Other companies, such as Toshiba and Yamaha, would create products that surfers could use. Toshiba’s advertisement reflects the role that surfing had and companies engagement to accommodate surfing culture and therefore music culture by creating portable radios. With these ads, Fender and Toshiba are directly engaging with prominent aspects of surf culture and advocating for an intertwining of both music and surf culture to promote a mutually beneficial response.