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Evolution of Long Beach's Beaches


A collection of photos depicting and expanding upon the evolution of Long Beach's surf culture and surf life

Surf Culture A Mix

60s Surfing

Pictures of surf culture along with surfers and beyond from the 1960s and beyond.

Surf Related Accidents


Surfing can be called an extreme sport, I call it a deadly sport. Here is a collection of surf related accidents from deadly shark attacks to survival…

Black Lives Matter


California surf communities displaying solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Surf Culture in the 1960s

baby surfer.jpg

A collection of ads and magazine covers that depict the ideal surfer in the 1960s

Contributors: Manuel Ramos

Shark Related Movies

Shark Tale.jpg

Picture of movies that came out that have sharks as the main theme. Whether the sharks be friendly or dangerous.

George Tejada's Surf life

george surfing two.jpg

A collection of pictures and an interview that describe George Tejada's life in surf culture and what it means to be a surfer.

Beach Car Advertisements

Dodge Van Advertisment.png

A collection of vintage magazine advertisements, depicting beach life and surf culture to promote new cars.

Contributors: HIST 305

A Visual History of the UFC


A visual representation of the history of the UFC

Contributors: Kevin Nguyen

Beach Segregation

Miami News Race Riot.jpg

The Civil Rights movement was a protest against discrimination towards blacks. Segregation was constructed to keep separation between races and was…

Contributors: N/A

Surf Related Advertisement

Surf Ad_Parkway_fabricator_Surfer_Mag_1968_issue.png

A collection of sexist ads from the 60s and 70s

Surf in Pop Culture


Surfing and surf culture is often the theme within many popular culture films, shows, music, magazines, and more.

Surf Photos


Photographs and drawings dealing with surfing.

Original Surfers

Surfer Duke.jpg

Historical Photos and Videos. Biographical and cultural data available.

Contributors: Jake Looney, Totianna Steptoe, and Arwen Robertson

Surf Music

Dick Dale New Years Concert .jpg

A quick view into the 1960s and the surf music that was played across California beaches. The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, The Chantays and more! Come and…

Contributors: Cervantes, Walter
Esquivel, Tiffany


Thibault-Chenaille 'isurfbecause'.jpg

Blogs for surfers; features such as creating an account, being able to upload personal videos/photos, general discussion about surf related items.



A visual history of the skateboard

Romantic Views of Surfing

General Viewo of the Beach Front Long Beach CA.jpg

Postcards that feature beach scenes or surfing